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Liaoyuan machine

Mr Tom Ma
Mobile: +86-13969020289
Email: tom@liaoyuangroup.com
Hot line:+86 531 55562077
Fax: +86 531 55585077
Liaoyuan machine  

The most competitive industry machining capacity, with more than 200 sets CNC precision machining equipments. Advanced processing equipment and experienced technicians, to ensure product quality and precision. International standards and quality control system to ensure quality, to provide customers with excellent products.
Advanced production equipment and exquisite technical team bring out the best in each other.
The company has first-class production equipments and exquisite workmanship, which has reached domestic advanced technology level and international first-class level and achieved first place of many aspects in the same business trade.
Now our company has more than 20o sets all kinds of excellent mechanical processing equipments.  Many equipments have reached the advanced world level. Like CNC floor Milling-boring machine, and other large Mechanical processing and High precise CNC equipments, with high machining precision, high automation and wide processing range of these equipments, which can ensure the machining accuracy and production efficiency and product quality fundamentally.