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Liaoyuan machine

Mr Tom Ma
Mobile: +86-13969020289
Email: tom@liaoyuangroup.com
Hot line:+86 531 55562077
Fax: +86 531 55585077
Liaoyuan machine  

The largest industry scale assembly production capacity, realize the specialization, systematic production system. Service industry more than 20 years of manufacturing experience, continuous leading industry standards. Focus on industry cutting-edge technology and research team, product core competitiveness in all-round way.
Tireless technology research and careful manufacturing, to provide users with more than the desired product.
Many years of production technology and technology laid a special manufacturing capability, reasonable use system covering the whole business process integration technology transformation, realize the specialization scale, integrated production system. Company rely on professional technology research and development team and conscientious assembly technicians, perfect quality control system to ensure the perfect combination of production of production tasks and progress. Product quality control throughout the whole process of productin management, each process is independent production, and closely linked, mutual cooperation, thus ensuring the reliability of product quality and stability.