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Liaoyuan machine

Mr Tom Ma
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Liaoyuan machine  

Your present location:Products Index >> CNC Machine >> CNC MC for Angle Bar >> CNC Angle Bar Marking Punching & Shearing Line APLD-1412B
  • Products Name: CNC Angle Bar Marking Punching & Shearing Line APLD-1412B
  • Products Number: a1003
  • Time: 2014-06-25
  • Views : 150

Machine Description:

  1. The machine is professional automatic equipment for marking, punching and shearing of angle bar of power and telecommunication angle steel tower.
  2. The processing range of angle bar from L40 x 40 x 3 to L140 x 140 x 12, and length within 12000mm.
  3. The production line includes 6 units: material-loading unit, feeding unit, main body, finished products conveyor unit (automatically tilting unloading system), hydraulic power unit & electric control unit.

Machine Features:
1) Good rigidity, compact structure, optimal workpiece arrangement and high using rate of workpiece.
2) Marking, punching and shearing are automatically operated with high efficiency.
3) Friendly computer interface can show workpieces’ figure, easy for operation.
4) Easy programming, only need to input the data of workpiece, including size, hole diameter, stadia accuracy and quantity. Or use the programming data created by lofting software.
5) Many solutions are adopted to resolve problems such as in-feeding difficulty and stadia accuracy error which are caused by angle steel deformation.
6) With CNC and serve motor achieves it high efficiency and stable working accuracy.
7) The key hydraulic pneumatic and electrical elements are all imported from Germany, Japan, and South Korea etc.

Main Technical Specification:



Angle Size(mm)


Max. punching capability


Nominal punching force(KN)


Marking force(KN)


Shearing Force(KN)


Max Length of Workpiece(m)


Max Length of Finished products(m)


No of Punchers on each side


No. of character group (piece)


No. of character in each character group (piece)


Dimensions of character(mm)

14×10×19(According to demands of customers)

Number of CNC Axis


Shearing Model

Single-blade Shearing

Processing precision

Meeting the requirement of GB/T 2694-2010

Feeding speed(m/min)


Programming model

Keyboard enter,USB interface input,Tower lofting software input

Overall dimensions(m)


Net Weight(kg)


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