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Liaoyuan machine

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Liaoyuan machine  

Your present location:Products Index >> CNC Machine >> CNC MC for Beams >> CNC Drilling and Sawing Production Line DSS1000/DSS1250
  • Products Name: CNC Drilling and Sawing Production Line DSS1000/DSS1250
  • Products Number: a2005
  • Time: 2014-06-25
  • Views : 194

  • Features

This production line is used for h-beam sawing and drilling. This production line consists of sawing line, buffer storage areas, 3D CNC drilling machine and other parts. With a high degree of automation, high efficiency, flexible production, this production line saves the production cost, improves the production safety, and is essential high efficient equipment for the garage steel structure manufacturing.

  • Sawing Production Line

It is used for work piece end cutting processing, including cross conveyor, in-feed conveyor, machine host, out-feed conveyor and other parts.
Using automatic horizontal motor-chain feeding system, high efficiency, saves time and effort.

■CNC 3D Drilling Machine
Used for workpiece drilling. It includes in-feed conveyor, machine host, out-feed conveyor, scrap car and other parts.

The workpiece is clamped by manipulator.

The detection device on the in-feed part can detect the workpiece deformation and make data compensation to achieve high precision drilling.

The host machine carries out drilling on 3 side of profile with 3 spindles to ensure high precision, efficiency and security.
Using spray cooling system, high reliability.

Main Technical specification:




Production line model



Drilling machine model



Band saw model



In-feed conveyor length(m)

According to customer’s requirement

Out-feed conveyor length(m)

According to customer’s requirement

Cross conveyor (optional)

According to customer’s requirement

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